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Fuzztives are alters who are partially, somewhat, or almost a fictive, but feels that term "fictive" doesn't seem quite right or entirely accurate for any number of reasons. A fictive is an alter based off of a character from any kind of media source. Similar to how f*cktive/fcktive/faitive is between or part both fictive and factive, fuzztive is between or partially fictive and something else. The something else may or may not be defined, personal choice. This term is intentionally broad.

The factive-equivalent to fuzztive is fogtive.

History and Flag

The term fuzztive was coined by Tumblr user Quoipunk on February 20, 2020[1]. The flag was designed and posted at the same time. The flag has no confirmed meaning.


  1. quoipunk's Tumblr post where the term was coined. [1]