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Colorized plurality rings representing the four origins of the Emmengard Origin System and their overlap, created by Emmengard.


A wiki by plurals and multiples, for plurals and multiples (and anyone who is questioning a system and wants to learn more) about the state of sharing a body/mind with others. It is intended to be a resource for anyone from any kind of system, so if you have information you would like to share that you don't see on the wiki, feel free to hop on and share it.

Our wiki is temporarily only editable by logged-in users in order to prevent vandalism, of which there has been an extensive amount recently. If you wish to edit and do not have an account, you can create an anonymous account. Depending on whether the wiki continues to receive a large amount of vandalism in the near future, this restriction may be lifted in the future.

A great place to start if you want to contribute but don't know how to is the Community page!

DISCLAIMER: A term or flag for a term being shared on this site does not inherently mean that the admins, moderators or wiki members support the individual who created the flag or coined the term, or that their actions are officially supported by the wiki. It would be impossible to investigate the history of the coiner/creator of every term and flag, and frankly detrimental to the actual work of creating an archive of information on multiplicity. The purpose of this site is to archive information; sections on controversy behind a specific term or flag may be added, but information should not be deleted due to the actions of the coiner unless the term/flag is no longer used in the community due to the actions of the coiner/creator.

Types of Multiplicity/Plurality

The experience of sharing a body/mind with others is commonly associated with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder (formerly known as Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, abbreviated as OSDD). However, there are also many types of experiences of sharing a body/mind with others that have varying origins and natures. These other experiences include, but are not limited to:

Dissociative Identity Disorder and Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder systems are known and researched by the medical community, but there is not much research on other types of systems. There is, however, a large community of individuals who live with other types of plurality and broadly do not wish for their disorder to be considered through a medical lens, therefore making it less likely that studies will occur on other types of systems.

Other than types of systems and the sub-divisions thereof (origins, psychological, spiritual, disorder and non-disorder related plurals), the terminology on our wiki is organized into clinical and community-coined terms, and terms that refer to system member identity, plural-related ideologies, internal structure, and system member types. There is also an additional category of other information not related to those categories.

Wiki Purpose

Our wiki is created with the purpose of fostering community between plurals, sharing and archiving terms, and keeping track of the history of the multiple/plural community. Please:

  • Assume good faith when you encounter someone with a different opinion than you, unless they are clearly vandalizing.
  • Respect other plurals' identities, and do not accuse them of faking their identity or of their system type being fake.
  • Understand that systems have different frameworks through which they understand their identities. It is up to an individual to define the nature of their system and whether they understand it through a psychological, spiritual, medical, social lens, or a combination of any of these.
  • Be welcoming and friendly to new members. Individuals editing this wiki may have varying degrees of previous knowledge on how to edit a Fandom wiki, or varying knowledge of medical information or other information. Do not mock people for grammar or spelling errors.
  • Do not use personal attacks. Even if someone is using abrasive language, do not use offensive terms towards them - report the content or contact an admin/moderator. Using inflammatory terms such as "traumascum" or "delusional" only furthers division in the community.
  • Cite your sources, and try to write more in-depth than just the definition. Our wiki is not just a dictionary, it is also an archive of information related to the terms such as their history, examples and possible controversy.

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