Traumagenic multiplicity is a form of multiplicity that was caused entirely or largely by trauma in this physical world. It is an origin label, stemming from the combination of the word "trauma" and the prefix "-genic", meaning "produced or caused by".

Traumagenic multiplicity is not inherently dysfunctional, but it does tend to be more dysfunctional than endogenic multiplicity, both in the definition of individual systems and the medical community.

Forms of Traumagenic Multiplicity

The most common form of traumagenic multiplicity is Dissociative Identity Disorder, however, systems that are traumagenic may also identify with OSDD-1, another diagnosis entirely, or either not qualify for any diagnosis or choose to forgo diagnostic terminology for personal reasons.


Systems that identify as both traumagenic and DID/OSDD are the most typically "accepted" forms of traumagenic multiplicity. DID/OSDD forms through repeated trauma (commonly betrayal trauma or a bad attachment pattern in a caregiver) prior to the age of 9.

Traumagenic multiplicity may also include splits that occurred after the age of 9.


Traumagenic systems may also be spiritual in origin or nature, although this is more controversial among people who have DID or OSDD. An example of spiritual, traumagenic plurality would be a system where the second + system member entered the system from another world to help the original cope with trauma or abuse, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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